Jan 032017
Big Island; Hawaii; National Parks

Lava from Pu’u O’o eruption flowing into ocean, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

2016’s run around the sun turned out to be pretty darn nice for this traveler. Many thanks to all the friends, family, clients, newly met folks, and complete strangers who made it so. I’ve got a huge backlog of images to process from this year’s travels in Oregon, California, Montana, Wyoming, Trinidad & Tobago, and Hawaii. A long overdue return visit to the Big Island and the opportunity to once again witness a live lava flow was a fantastic way to wrap up the year.

2017 looks like it could be even better. Roadtrip in the Westy from Oregon to the tip of Baja Mexico is in the works (something of a repeat of a great journey twenty years ago). I’m thrilled and proud to be a new Muench Workshops Pro, with three Muench Workshops on tap in 2017, plus two photo workshops on the schedule for Yellowstone Forever. A trip to Spain is happening in October (my first visit to Europe), and there will be plenty of Pacific Northwest travel and photography throughout the year.

How was your 2016?  Big hopes and plans for 2017?  Leave a Comment and make me envious.

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