Jan 102017

cover photo of ONDA 2017 calendar

I am pleased and honored that one of my photos was chosen as the cover image for the 2017 Wild Desert Calendar. This calendar is produced each year by the Oregon Natural Desert Association, and always features outstanding photography of the deserts and wildlands of eastern Oregon.

The photo above was taken from the summit of Steens Mountain in southeast Oregon. Wildhorse Lake is at the bottom right of the photo, and the view extends along the ridge of the Steens to Borax Lake in the Alvord Desert, with the Pueblo Mountains on the Oregon-Nevada border in the distance.

If you’re a desert fan, or if you just want to support the conservation efforts of ONDA, click this link to order a copy of the Wild Desert Calendar.

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  One Response to “Oregon Wild Desert Calendar”

  1. Beautiful photograph Greg, well deserved on the cover. I have yet to get to the Steens Mountain area. Can you drive to this location?

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