Jun 022017
Rhododendron bush with pink flowers in a foggy forest

Rhododendron blooming in the fog, Del Norte Redwoods State Park, California.

I’m just back from my “Redwoods in the Fog” photo workshop for Muench Workshops. We had great shooting conditions including a nice mix of sunshine, overcast, and fog. The timing for the workshop was also excellent as the rhododendrons were just really starting to bloom. As usual, the area around Damnation Creek Trail in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park had the most profuse bloom.

Trail through redwood trees in Simpson-Reed Grove, Jedediah Smith State Park, California.

Trail through the redwood forest in Simpson-Reed Grove, Jedediah Smith State Park, California.

Late spring/early summer is also a great time of year for photography in the Redwoods because the understory foliage is lush and green, with lots of new growth. Trails through the memorial groves on either side of Walker Road in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park yield great views of giant old-growth trees and a forest floor covered in ferns.

Looking up through a forest of tall redwood trees

Redwood trees in Simpson-Reed Memorial Grove, Jedediah Smith State Park, California.

This year was great for the lupines in the prairies along Bald Hills Road above Lady Bird Johnson Grove, and we hit the bloom at its peak.

field of blooming lupine with sun setting behind trees

Lupine at Dolason Prairie, Redwoods State and National Parks, Calfornia.

During my workshops, I rarely photograph for myself. These photos were all taken prior to the workshop while scouting locations and after the workshop was over.

Tech details: Nikon D750 with 16-35mm (lupines), 24-85mm (trail), and 70-200mm (rhody in fog) Nikkor lenses, plus a Rokinon 14mm (looking up). Sirui W-2204 tripod, Really Right Stuff BH40 ballhead. Processed with Adobe Lightroom CC and On1 Effects 10.

Click this link to see more Redwoods photos at GregVaughn.com and this one to check my upcoming photo workshops.


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  5 Responses to “Redwoods Workshop Wrap Up”

  1. Nice set of photos. Captures the different moods of the Redwood forests.

  2. Beautiful images Greg. I’ve driven through the area several times, but never had much time for photography. You are inspiring me to put it on the list for future explorations. It looks like conditions were perfect for you this year. Do you know if the flowers were a bit late down there this year as they seemed to be in much of Washington?

    • Hi Joe,
      From what I hear, the rhododendron bloom as a little late this year, but not exceptionally. Right around Memorial Day is usually a good bet; this year they didn’t really get going much until a day or two after that. Timing for the lupine is apparently more irregular and doesn’t always coincide with the rhody bloom. The lupine were prime this year a few days prior to Memorial Day weekend.
      Definitely put this area on your list for the future!

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