Jun 022017
Redwoods Workshop Wrap Up

I’m just back from my “Redwoods in the Fog” photo workshop for Muench Workshops. We had great shooting conditions including a nice mix of sunshine, overcast, and fog. The timing for the workshop was also excellent as the rhododendrons were just really starting to bloom. As usual, the area around Damnation Creek Trail in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park had the most profuse bloom. Late spring/early summer is also a great time of year for photography in the Redwoods [read more …]

Mar 012017
2017 Photography Workshops and Tours

Looking for some inspiration and education this year?  Striving to visit very special locations with someone who can show you both the iconic views and little-known lookouts?  Want to take your photographic skills to a new level? I’m very pleased to offer several photography workshops to fantastic locales in 2017. Already on tap are the Redwoods in California, the fantastic southern Oregon coast, Red Rock country in southern Utah (Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Escalante National Monument), and [read more …]

Oct 182014
Fall in the Eastern Sierra: Iconic Locations and Inspiring People

A couple of weeks ago I wandered to the east side of the Sierra Nevada in California to lead a private photo workshop, meet some long-time photographer friends, and make some photos of the fantastic fall color the eastern Sierras are famous for. The photo workshop was a great success, with my client declaring after the first morning that the trip had already paid for itself; we were treated to a spectacular sunrise at Mono Lake with a fresh dusting of snow [read more …]

Sep 282014
Fall Color Report - Mt. Lassen to Mammoth Lakes, California

For the past couple of days, I’ve been traveling south from north central California to the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, with an eye out for fall color. Starting from Mount Shasta, I drove southeast on California Hwy 89, through Lassen Volcanic National Park, down to Lake Tahoe and then continuing over Monitor Pass to the eastern Sierras. I continued south on US Hwy 395, arriving at Mammoth Lakes this afternoon. While I have seen a bit of fall color, [read more …]

Apr 302014
Sierra Skies

Landscape photographers love the Sierra Nevada range not just for the majestic mountains but also because the skies are often filled with dramatic cirrus and cumulous clouds. I drove for miles on US Highway 395 in the Owens Valley looking for a great foreground subject that would lead the eye to the mountain peaks, then suddenly realized the sky and clouds needed to have prominence in my photo for this vista. The Sierras in general and skies like this in particular [read more …]

Jan 152012
Alabama Hills Arches

The fantastic rock formations of the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California, have been favorite subject matter for photographers for many years. The combination of jumbled and roundly eroded rock rising up from the Owens Valley with a backdrop of the dramatic eastern face of the Sierra Nevada mountains is hard to beat. Scattered throughout the Alabama Hills are a number of interesting rock arches. At one time, some photographers and concerned conservationists tried to keep the location of the [read more …]

Mar 302009
Joshua Tree National Park

I spent a few days last week hiking and doing photography at Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. It’s a fascinating place with some very interesting geology and ecosystems. Those not familiar with the area tend to think of the southwest deserts as hot, but the upper areas of Joshua Tree, part of the huge expanse of the Mojave Desert, are at 3000+ feet in elevation, and temperatures are quite cool in winter and spring. It’s much warmer in [read more …]