Feb 292012
Seven Super Shots

The folks at came up with a great idea for sharing stories and photos, and one of my online friends, travel blogger Kathryn of encouraged me to join in the fun. So, here I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. 1.  A photo that takes my breath away: The Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai is truly spectacular. Fly along the coast on a helicopter tour, take a Zodiac or kayak into coves and caves, hike [read more …]

Jan 232011
Favorite Photos of 2010

I’ve been inspired by the blogs of a number of photographers who’ve recently posted their top photos for 2010, so decided to add my own to the mix. Most of the photographers post either landscape and scenic photos or travel photography. I do a mixture of both – something to do with being a Gemini perhaps? – so my selection of favorites is a combination of nature images and snaps from my travels this past year.     Early in [read more …]

Aug 182010
Bangkok and Chiang Mai named Best Cities

The readers of Travel + Leisure magazine have voted Bangkok as their favorite city in the world. I had the opportunity to visit Thailand earlier this year and certainly agree that it’s a wonderful place. Bangkok is a huge, bustling modern city, but with incredible historical and cultural sites. And, of course, food to die for. Chiang Mai was voted second favorite city in the T+L poll – amazing that Thailand would score #1 and #2 in the same year! [read more …]

Apr 072010
Bangkok, Thailand photos

My trip to Thailand was packed with visits to markets and temples, tourist attractions and local neighborhoods. A multitude of exotic sights, sounds, smells and tastes. The Thai people are wonderfully friendly and welcoming, and seemingly always open to having photographs made of them. My new Nikon D300S performed like a champ and allowed me to give video a try without carrying extra gear. Thank goodness for digital cameras – I’m sure glad I don’t have to pay the cost [read more …]

Mar 292010
Thai Puppet Show

One of the highlights of my visit to Thailand was attending the Thai puppet show at Aksra Theatre in Bangkok. The show, named Aksra Hoon Lakorn Lek, is an incredible performance by a troupe of puppeteers trained in the traditional Thai style. It includes over 100 puppets, elaborate stage sets, dramatic lighting and music. Particularly fascinating to me was finding that each puppet is controlled by three puppeteers, working and moving in total  syncrhonization to control the body, arms and [read more …]

Mar 262010
Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

There are street vendors all over the city in Bangkok, but one of Thailand’s biggest and best known marketplaces is the Chatuchak Weekend Market on the north side of the city. Popular with locals and visitors alike, you can find just about anything here – beautiful Thai silk, pirated DVDs, packets of spices for cooking, fake Rolexes, all kinds of freshly prepared Thai food, Buddha statues and carved elephants, you name it. Most vendors have established stalls, but the woman [read more …]

Mar 252010
Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Bangkok

Traveling around Bangkok and Chiang Mai, I get the impression that there are Buddhist temples on almost every block in these cities. One of the most famous of the golden Buddhas that are found in the temples is the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok. It is also one of the largest Buddha statues in Thailand, measuring around 150 feet long and 45 feet high. It is almost impossible to get an overall photo of the statue without using [read more …]

Mar 202010
Elephant ride - check one off the bucket list.

As a kid, my favorite stories were from books like Dr. Doolittle and Kipling’s Jungle Books, and ever since then I’ve wanted to ride an elephant. Finally had the opportunity to cross that one off my bucket list when I got to spend a day at Patara Elephant Farm in rural Chiang Mai, Thailand. Patara Elephant Farm is not one of the many tourist operations in northern Thailand, but a center for rehabilitation of injured elephants and a breeding program [read more …]