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Nov 242017
Weekend Sales

While I don’t want to encourage anyone to just go out and buy more “stuff” on Black Friday, there are some really good deals happening this weekend from some of my favorite gear and service providers. If you’ve been wanting to buy one of these products anyway, now’s the time. Each of these deals is available from November 24 through November 27, 2017. Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you buy, I’ll get a reward, but [read more …]

Feb 262016
Topaz DeNoise 6

Topaz Labs just released a pretty major upgrade to their already excellent digital noise reduction software, DeNoise.¬†There several new features in DeNoise 6, which you can read about on the Topaz Labs website. What caught my eye right away is that they have added¬†presets for specific camera and ISO combinations. I jumped on that and gave it a test with this photo: On a visit to Cusco, Peru, I wandered the cobblestone streets of the popular San Blas neighborhood one [read more …]

Oct 092015

I am very excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with SNAPP Guides to produce photographers guides for Oregon on their very innovative app platform. Take a look at this video to see what it’s all about: These guides, for locations all over the world, are going to be a great resource for photographers. No matter if your interest is nature and landscape photography, travel photography or even street photography, detailed information will be at your fingertips. I hope you [read more …]

Jul 242015
Stuff that works: Topaz Adjust photo editing plugin

Topaz Labs, makers of photo editing software for Lightroom and Photoshop, announced a few days ago that they’re running a special on the newest version of their Adjust plugin. I’m a fan of plugins in general, and have found other Topaz products to be pretty cool, so I downloaded Adjust and have been exploring and testing. Here are some examples of what the plugin can do, using a photo of an old church from my recent visit to San Blas [read more …]

Feb 072015
Prepping for Peru

It’s genetic, I’m sure. Not only did I inherit a love of travel from my parents, but I’m sure I got my penchant for planning from my mom as well. On family vacations, we had a daily itinerary with details of each stop determined long before we all piled into the station wagon. My sister inherited it, too. She’s heading to Greece this spring, and already she’s devoured multiple guidebooks, checked out numerous DVDs from the library, spent hours checking [read more …]

Nov 192014
Stuff that works: Patagonia Drifter A/C shoes and boots

Good footwear is a prime requisite for outdoor photographers, and especially for anyone who puts in a lot of trail (and off-trail) miles in the course of nature and landscape photography. Finding just the right combination of comfort, fit, support, and style can be tricky, and I’m happy to have found a trail shoe that works extremely well for me so I decided to write this review of the Patagonia Drifter A/C. I’ve long been a fan of Merrell lightweight [read more …]

Apr 142013
Stuff That Works: Really Right Stuff Tripod Ballheads

My very first tripod, many years ago now, was a lightweight, aluminum set of legs with a mostly plastic pan and tilt head. It was better than nothing, but it didn’t take long to realize that it was not sturdy enough to let me get really sharp photos, especially when I used a telephoto lens. As budget allowed I upgraded, each time getting a bigger, heavier tripod, and trading the pan and tilt type head for a ballhead. At some [read more …]