Jan 102017
Oregon Wild Desert Calendar

I am pleased and honored that one of my photos was chosen as the cover image for the 2017 Wild Desert Calendar. This calendar is produced each year by the Oregon Natural Desert Association, and always features outstanding photography of the deserts and wildlands of eastern Oregon. The photo above was taken from the summit of Steens Mountain in southeast Oregon. Wildhorse Lake is at the bottom right of the photo, and the view extends along the ridge of the [read more …]

Apr 022009
Bend Badlands Wilderness

Late last week, the U.S. Congress passed, and President Obama signed, the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, which will provide protection for thousands of acres in several states. Included in the omnibus bill is the Badlands and Spring Basin Wilderness Act, which declares that a BLM-managed area commonly known as the Bend Badlands is now federally designated wilderness. Located just a few miles east of Bend, with easy access from US Hwy 20, the Badlands is an area [read more …]

Mar 302009
Joshua Tree National Park

I spent a few days last week hiking and doing photography at Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. It’s a fascinating place with some very interesting geology and ecosystems. Those not familiar with the area tend to think of the southwest deserts as hot, but the upper areas of Joshua Tree, part of the huge expanse of the Mojave Desert, are at 3000+ feet in elevation, and temperatures are quite cool in winter and spring. It’s much warmer in [read more …]