Feb 182014
Top 10 Places on Maui for Nature and Landscape Photography

A photographer friend who purchased my Oregon and Washington guidebooks, and who knew that I lived in Hawaii for many years, recently asked for recommendations on the best places on the islands of Maui and Hawaii for landscape photography. Like most photographers visiting the Hawaiian Islands, my friend has a limited number of days for his vacation and won’t have time to run around the islands to all the locations shown in general interest visitor guides. Here are my suggestions [read more …]

Dec 122011
Haleakala Crater at Dawn

One of the most popular things to do on the island Maui is watching the sunrise from the rim of Haleakala crater. Almost everyone goes right to the summit viewpoint. Much less crowded and just as spectacular is the view from Kalahaku Overlook. This view, looking north instead of east to the sunrise, shows the prominent cinder cones in the crater (technically speaking, it’s a caldera, not a crater). On the upper right, Sliding Sands Trail is visible, leading to [read more …]

Nov 232011
Maui: Beyond Hana

After negotiating 600 curves and 54 bridges on the narrow, winding 52 miles of Hana Highway, a lot of visitors to Maui just spend a couple of hours in Hana town, make the obligatory stop at Hasegawa General Store, then turn around and head back to the resorts on the south side of the island. That’s a shame, because some the best parts of the Hana Coast, and some of the most scenic locations on the island of Maui, are [read more …]

Jul 132010
Hamoa Beach, Maui

Each year for the past twenty years, Professor Stephen Leatherman, aka “Dr. Beach“, names what he thinks are the best beaches in the United States. I don’t think there’s ever been a year that at least one beach in Hawaii made his list, and for 2010 he includes Kahanamoku Beach on Oahu and Hamoa Beach on the island of Maui. Kahanamoku Beach, named for Olympic swimmer and Hawaiian surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku, is the stretch of Waikiki Beach between the [read more …]

Mar 172010
Cover Story

A couple of magazines feature my photography on the cover this month. VIA, the magazine of the AAA auto club, assigned me to shoot a story on the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and nearby Florence, Oregon. For the cover, they chose a shot of a couple of guys jumping off a dune face along the John Dellenbach Trail in the Umpqua Dunes Area. Just so happens that the two guys are my son Hunter and his friend Tom Clawson. [read more …]