Sep 222014
Seasons Change - Summer to Fall

After a long, hot and much drier than normal summer in western Oregon this year, the seasons are changing right on cue¬†with the Autumn Equinox. Photographers, and nature lovers in general, are eagerly anticipating the time when leaves go from green to gold and the arrival of fall color. The last days of summer are a time of transition. Daytime temps are still warm, but the nights and early mornings are turning a bit cool. Many photographers are grateful that [read more …]

Mar 142014
Wildflowers blooming at Mount Pisgah

With just a few days of warmth and sunshine following weeks of cold and rain, the wildflowers have started blooming at Mount Pisgah Arboretum here in Oregon’s southern Willamette Valley. Hiking yesterday on a loop of Zig Zag, Upper Plateau, Jette, South Boundary and Incense Cedar Trails, I saw Trillium, Houndstongue, Oregon Fawn Lily, Spring Beauty, Oregon Grape and even a few early blooms of Common Camas. I always enjoy seeing trillium blooming, as these beautiful and delicate flowers, plus [read more …]