Jun 092017
50th Anniversary of the Oregon Beach Bill

June 7, 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Oregon Beach Bill, which forever guarantees the public’s right to access and passage on all beaches along the Oregon Coast. Earlier law had set the extent of the public land at the high tide line, but the Beach Bill made it so that public land extended to the vegetation line. After a childhood in California and many years as a resident of Hawaii, both states which also have [read more …]

Apr 132017
Ecola State Park Closure

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has closed the road to Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach on the northern Oregon coast due to slipping and sinking pavement. Fortunately, it looks like repairs will be made quickly and the park should re-open on April 20. Check for status updates at Ecola and other parks on the Oregon State Parks Website.

May 202016
Photography Workshops News

I super excited to announce that I’ve been invited to join the pros at Muench Workshops and will be co-leading a photo workshop on the Oregon Coast with Marc Muench. The dates for this workshop are November 9-12, 2016. We’ll base in Brookings, Oregon, with daily photo excursions on the dramatic southern Oregon coast and into the California Redwoods. Itinerary and details for this all-inclusive photography workshop are available at www.muenchworkshops.com Please join us! ¬†Muench Workshops tend to fill up [read more …]

Mar 212016
Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast

Cape Kiwanda and the beach at Pacific City are unique among locations on the Oregon coast for several reasons. And each of those unique attributes makes an excellent subject for photography. First, unlike the volcanic rock that forms most headlands on the coast, Cape Kiwanda is largely sandstone. As typical of that soft rock, it gets eroded by water and wind into pleasing formations. Second, Haystack Rock, a volcanic remnant, is the sole sea stack jutting out of the ocean [read more …]

Feb 062016
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

I recently posted this photo on my Facebook page and one of the initial comments was from a photographer wanting to know the location because he was surprised that there were no ATV tracks in my photo. The federally-designated Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area stretches for many miles along the central Oregon coast. Many visitors just make a brief stop at the Oregon Dunes Day Use Area a little south of Florence. Or they may visit several state and county [read more …]

Nov 182015
Shoot It Now

Last week I went to the southern Oregon coast to photograph the giant waves crashing on the rocks at Shore Acres State Park. Driving through Sunset Bay State Park, I pulled into the viewpoint for Cape Arago Lighthouse and I was reminded of why it’s always important to stop and photograph what you see and not just think “Oh, I’ll come back another time for that photo”. I’m sure glad I made this photograph when I did several years ago, [read more …]

Feb 142014

Oregon became the 33rd of the United States on February 14th, 1859. To celebrate the day I’ve put up a little slideshow on my website with photographs that show some of the reasons that I love living here. Click on that link for a better, larger view of the photos. If you’re an Oregon lover too, please share the show, and leave a Comment with your favorite thing about this great state.

Dec 082011
Bandon Beach, Oregon Coast

One of the most scenic places on the Oregon coast is Bandon Beach. It’s one of my personal favorites, and I think it is has some of the most photogenic scenery on the entire west coast. The main attraction for photography is the sea stacks – monolithic rock formations that provide dramatic subject matter for photographers in just about any weather condition. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better location for sunset seascapes. Nowhere else on the coast has such [read more …]

Feb 052011
Oregon Coast and Kauai Coast Top-Rated

National Geographic Traveler magazine recently rated coastal destinations all over the world, with a ranking based on, among other things, environmental health and visitor experience. I am very pleased to find that two of my favorite coasts are among the top-rated. Both the Oregon Coast and the Na Pali Coast on Kauai are, according to the magazine, “In excellent shape, relatively unspoiled and likely to remain so.” The rugged and remote Na Pali coast is one of the scenic wonders [read more …]

Mar 172010
Cover Story

A couple of magazines feature my photography on the cover this month. VIA, the magazine of the AAA auto club, assigned me to shoot a story on the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and nearby Florence, Oregon. For the cover, they chose a shot of a couple of guys jumping off a dune face along the John Dellenbach Trail in the Umpqua Dunes Area. Just so happens that the two guys are my son Hunter and his friend Tom Clawson. [read more …]