Feb 072015
Prepping for Peru

It’s genetic, I’m sure. Not only did I inherit a love of travel from my parents, but I’m sure I got my penchant for planning from my mom as well. On family vacations, we had a daily itinerary with details of each stop determined long before we all piled into the station wagon. My sister inherited it, too. She’s heading to Greece this spring, and already she’s devoured multiple guidebooks, checked out numerous DVDs from the library, spent hours checking [read more …]

Apr 142013
Stuff That Works: Really Right Stuff Tripod Ballheads

My very first tripod, many years ago now, was a lightweight, aluminum set of legs with a mostly plastic pan and tilt head. It was better than nothing, but it didn’t take long to realize that it was not sturdy enough to let me get really sharp photos, especially when I used a telephoto lens. As budget allowed I upgraded, each time getting a bigger, heavier tripod, and trading the pan and tilt type head for a ballhead. At some [read more …]