Apr 072017
Wildflowers at Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Spring has definitely (and finally!) arrived in western Oregon, with wildflowers and gardens bursting into bloom. Mount Pisgah Arboretum and surrounding Howard Buford Recreation Area is an excellent place to see and photograph a good variety of native plants. As usual, Osoberry and Spring Beauty were among the very first to bloom, soon to be followed by the Trilliums, always a northwest favorite. Two species of Trillium are found at Mt. Pisgah: Western Trillium (Trillium ovatum) is common throughout the [read more …]

Apr 192014
Columbia River Gorge Wildflower Report

Want to photograph wildflowers at their peak in the Columbia River Gorge? Now’s the time. I’ve been wandering the Oregon side of The Gorge between Hood River and the Deschutes River the past few days, and just about all the regular known locations for wildflowers are looking very good right now. In Hood River Valley, the apple trees in the orchards are covered with delicate white blossoms. The view from Panorama Point is quite striking with the trees in the [read more …]

Mar 142014
Wildflowers blooming at Mount Pisgah

With just a few days of warmth and sunshine following weeks of cold and rain, the wildflowers have started blooming at Mount Pisgah Arboretum here in Oregon’s southern Willamette Valley. Hiking yesterday on a loop of Zig Zag, Upper Plateau, Jette, South Boundary and Incense Cedar Trails, I saw Trillium, Houndstongue, Oregon Fawn Lily, Spring Beauty, Oregon Grape and even a few early blooms of Common Camas. I always enjoy seeing trillium blooming, as these beautiful and delicate flowers, plus [read more …]

Apr 072013
Tulip Time in the Pacific Northwest

After months of gray skies and dreary weather, the sight of daffodils and tulips popping up in gardens, fields and farms is a delight here in the Pacific Northwest. The colorful flowers are fabulous for photography, and several of the biggest bulb growers in Washington and Oregon open their fields for photographers. Tulips start to show their color in March and the blossoming continues into May, with the big fields usually in their prime around the second and third weeks [read more …]

Jun 022010
Rhody season

It’s rhododendron season in the Pacific Northwest. Depending on location and elevation, these beautiful evergreen shrubs bloom from April through June in the western regions of northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. There are several species and many varieties of rhodies grown as garden ornamentals, but only the Pacific Rhododendron (R. macrophyllum) grows in the wild. One of the best known places to see and photograph these wonderful flowers is in the California Redwoods, but they’re also prolific in [read more …]

Aug 102009
Mount Adams and Bird Creek Meadows

I’m back up in Washington state this week, photographing the summer wildflower bloom in subalpine meadows. First destination was Bird Creek Meadows on the southeast slope of Mount Adams. With all the heat in the Pacific Northwest last week many of the flowers in the main meadow areas are done for this year, but there are still some great areas. The photo above was taken just below Hellroaring Viewpoint and one below is at Crooked Creek Falls.

Jun 072009
Faded Glory

Like many nature photographers, I’ve been chasing wildflowers this Spring. Many miles on the truck and quite a few on foot looking for splashes and carpets of color in meadows and on hillsides. The spring bloom season is about over in the low elevation areas for species like the arrowleaf balsamroot, but other species are just starting to appear. The great thing is that there’s more than a month still to go this season here in the Pacific Northwest – [read more …]

May 012009
Skagit Valley tulip fields

For the next several days I’ll be traveling around Washington state, aiming to capture some of the spring flower bloom. This morning I visited the Roozengaarde fields, part of Washington Bulb Company, and this afternoon I’ll head for Tulip Town. The fields at these two visitor-friendly farms are at their peak right now and the display of brilliantly colored blossoms is stunning.