Dec 122011
Haleakala Crater at Dawn

One of the most popular things to do on the island Maui is watching the sunrise from the rim of Haleakala crater. Almost everyone goes right to the summit viewpoint. Much less crowded and just as spectacular is the view from Kalahaku Overlook. This view, looking north instead of east to the sunrise, shows the prominent cinder cones in the crater (technically speaking, it’s a caldera, not a crater). On the upper right, Sliding Sands Trail is visible, leading to [read more …]

Mar 062010
Hawaiian sunrise

Many years I lived in Hawaii, but never spent much time at Waimanalo, even though I lived in nearby Kailua for a number of years. While on this trip to the Islands, I got a request for photos of Waimanalo Beach, so have been going there for sunrise the past several days. Weather hasn’t been as hoped for, but it’s always wonderful to be on the beach at sunrise in Hawaii. On the day I took this photo, the sky [read more …]

Aug 172009
Mount Rainier and Reflection Lake

They say that when a lenticular cloud appears on Mount Rainier rain will be arriving within 24 hours, and that’s exactly what happened last week. The first morning there I got this photo, and for the next several days it was nothing but fog and rain. The Mountain, as Washingtonians call it, didn’t show itself again, except for very brief fleeting glimpses, until yesterday morning. The soft light of fog was great for close-ups of wildflowers, however, and the meadows [read more …]

Mar 042009
Mount Rainier

Went up to Washington last week to visit Mount Rainier National Park to get some stock photos of The Mountain in winter and do some snowshoeing in the Paradise area. The beautiful meadows that are covered with wildflowers in August are now buried under several feet of snow. The photo here is the view from Longmire at sunrise. In summer the sun is far enough to the north that the mountain is mostly backlit at dawn and dusk when viewed [read more …]